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Master Mind With Other Successful People.

Monthly Mastermind

Every 3 month commitment receives access to our Monthly ENNERCOURSE Mastermind.

Working with others through a Mastermind setting creates accountability, an opportunity to ask questions, and receive valuable feedback from other members experiences in a like or similar area.

Feedback is one of our most valuable tools, even though it can be positive or negative in the real world, our goal is to give and receive positive useful feedback that can be easily implemented for success.

No one has all the answers by themselves if they did they would never need help or opinion. When we ask for help we receive guidance to achieve our next level, it is a place to each take the advice we can use and leave for now what we are not ready to take action on, knowing that later you may decide to try an idea you heard but were not willing to take action on at that time.

Each Member will be instructed on the rules of the mastermind and will have 2 minutes to present there problem, and each participant will give a 60 second solution as feedback, this will allow everyone an opportunity to share.

Our Skills Toolbox is full of all the things you will need to implement for the ultimate success of your business and your life.

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Team Leader and Department Manager Masterminds

It is crucial to take care of every department head and team leader.

Just like every other professional they need a peers' network to achieve their goals and bring new ideas and skills to the table to create the growth and meet the goals.

Managers and Team Leaders need time with other likeminded colleges, this mastermind allows for this need with peer accountability and structure.

One of the most foundational and useful systems to receive useful ideas from one another.

Mining ideas on what is working and what is not working and why.

Goal setting and accountability.

Maximum size of each group limited to 6 participants twice per month in one-hour sessions.

Participants receive useful skills for dealing with many personality types assertively allowing departments to run more efficiently.

Skills for implementing new ideas with the oldest of employees, and still allowing each and every person involved to feel valuable and needed, from the CEO to the Janitorial staff.

Creating a working environment where new employee applicants are willing to be on a waiting list.


Keynotes Scheduled by appointment.

Workshops Scheduled by appointment

half day and up to 2 day workshops.

Non-Profits Welcome.


Echo Pelster


I will transform your events as a key note speaker, trainer or as a RIM Facilitator and Personal Coach, I am extensively trained to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


CEO Learning Center


  • Bringing organizations together helps everyone involved and collaborates the most common of efforts. Which is generally hiring and training challenges. Imagine less turnover, zero drama policies, and internal comradery.
  • this program also creates a playing field for an entire network of outside resources and new friendships and colleagues, it is truly your opportunity to shine with accountability and kindness.
  • Maximum Group size is 4 participants 1 hour.
  • Twice per month.