Every Great Training Environment Should Kick Off with a Keynote and Live workshop.

Motivating and educating the masses are the first rule of success when implementing a new plan of success. A Motivational Action Talk and Workshop with a built in action plan makes all the difference and learning needs to be fun!

Have your colleagues and employees take there personal values assessment here!


  • Motivate your staff, company and employees with a live workshop, it is the best money you spend to create an interactive learning experience.
  • Hands on learning and exercises to create interaction and trust that will last beyond the workshop.
  • Ongoing Virtual Training to Implement and Apply new skills.
  • Early Morning Scheduling for Team Leaders and CEOs to Get there day started right.
  • Team Leader and CEO Masterminds also have Early Morning options for your Miracle Morning.

  • Workshops are available in the following formats:
  • 1/2-day workshop
  • Full-Day Workshop
  • Two-day Workshop
  • Retreats
  • Company Training
  • Breakout Conference Sessions
  • Conferences
  • Your Next Important that Needs a great Speaker
  • Motivational Speaker for Your Kickoff Events 

Keynote Education Experiences

Events are critical to every organization, and every great event needs a great keynote speaker!

Echo Laymon Pelster is funny, intuitive, and a super creative storyteller that appeals to every audience.

With a more than 40-year sales background and totally working on commission for all of these years she knows what it takes to create the momentum needed to manage time, make calls, build relationships and help others create and implement the skills necessary to succeed.

While all the above are worthy accomplishments Echo also went through two gastric by-pass surgery's rather unsuccessfully with complications both times and took her weight from 357 pounds and size 30 to her current size 12 with mind boggling techniques that will change every person's food dialogue and their relationship with food,

Taking responsibility for your success and career is key to all employees everywhere, weather they are salaried or commission. Learning how to release the breaks and overcome self-limiting ideas is simply taught and implemented. Goal setting is vital and yet only 4% effectively do it. Knowing what you want and where your passion lies is critical to finding your niche and breaking self-imposed limits. And at the end of the day looking at results and feedback as valuable will bring the breakthrough successes everyone looks for and wants.

Inquire with us directly, about our expectations working with your company or organization.