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If the work I do for you saves you 1% in gross revenue and turnover alone what does that make the work I do in value of dollars to your organization?

The assessment will take you 5 minutes tops, on your worst ever day!

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Finding out where you are and getting to where you want to be.


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Personal Values Assessments

The best way to look at something is with someone else's eyes. Our assessments show you where you are, where your gaps in leadership are and once they are revealed, we help you get into alignment with a simple consultation, seeing where you are truthfully helps you find the truest path to breakthrough to the next level, to get from where you are to where you want to be. email [email protected] [email protected] for your free values assessment link. once you recieve your results (with-in minutes), reach out and we will unpack your findings and help you with what to do next.

  • To impact your leadership on a global scale by creating usable and repeatable tools, dialogue, and cultural conditions for balanced and sustainable, values-driven success long term.

A Values-Based

Approach to Everything Changes Everything.

Values are silent motivators that underpin the foundation of all our behavior, our emotions, our beliefs, our ideas and our decision making. 

They are the compass we use to make decisions so we can weather everyday life let alone the strongest storms. 

Clarification of our values keep us aligned to our goals and our most authentic self.

Values also keep us true to the envisioned futures we want to experience. 

The ability to express deeply held values in our lives and the workplace contributes to a sense of balance, fulfillment and personal acceptance for who we are as individuals, employees and colleagues.

 Acting against personal values can hinder playing full out and trigger fears and apprehension,

 resulting in a sense of disconnected isolation for some staff members, in addition to contributing to low levels of fulfillment and engagement. At ENNERCOURSE we are adding and using values as a tool, we provide people and organizations with real useful tools and on the ground insights to create awareness for them to their own possibilities.

• Management Training

Team Leader Coaching: Implement and Create the Culture you want though the Values and Success Principles that are tried, timeless, re-teachable, and true.

Skills are valuable in your most valuable people.

• Business Consulting

Let me guess, you thought owning a business you were going to be able to do what you loved most and now the business gets in the way of your own happiness and fulfillment and late hours and paperwork have taken over your life. 

Let's get you back doing what you love and train the person that truly loves the work to assist and run the front end again. You both win and you both will love what you do. 

Learning needs to be fun and interactive to be effective.

• Weekly Team Leader Coaching.

Team Leader and Department Manager Masterminds

It is crucial to take care of every department head and team leader.

Just like every other professional they need a peers' network to achieve their goals and bring new ideas and skills to the table to create the growth and meet the goals.

Managers and Team Leaders need time with other likeminded colleges, this mastermind allows for this need with peer accountability and structure.

One of the most foundational and useful systems to receive useful ideas from one another.

Mining ideas on what is working and what is not working and why.

Goal setting and accountability.

Maximum size of each group limited to 6 participants twice per month in one-hour sessions.

Participants receive useful skills for dealing with many personality types assertively allowing departments to run more efficiently.

Skills for implementing new ideas with the oldest of employees, and still allowing each and every person involved to feel valuable and needed, from the CEO to the Janitorial staff.

Creating a working environment where new employee applicants are willing to be on a waiting list.

Finding Value in Every action, decision, and every choice will change your culture, relationships, working environment and your friendships as a business and human being forever.

Keynotes and Kick Offs

Live Workshops and Continued Virtual Trainings.

Coaching Your Trainers to Train Better.

Non-Profits Welcome.


Echo Pelster


I will transform your events as a keynote speaker, trainer or as a RIM Facilitator and Personal Coach, I am extensively trained to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.