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What do you want and why are you here?

Questions to ask yourself.... if you have an answer for every question, be it yes or no. you need my services.

We spend an exuberant amount of money hiring and retraining due to turnover?

Constant retraining takes away from your production and the production of others?

We want people to leave because they outgrew us and on good terms.

We want employees to be long term and a team atmosphere.

Friendly competition is the employee ranks is good, but always ethically respectful?

We strive for an abundance mindset but seem to have a scarcity mentality?

We have had some really good employees leave and we really don't know why.?

We want to draw qualified candidates and keep them as long-term employees?

Someday I want to retire, and I want someone to take over my business who loves it like I do?

I want to know that my employee's values are in alignment with who we are as a company?

I don't understand why I am not releasing my weight.

Why are my relationships so screwed up?

Why do I attract this kind of person in my life?

What is internal dialogue and how do I know I have it?

I feel like my past is stepping on the heels of my future, I want to overcome my past and live in the present.

Business Coaching

HALF DAY AND FULL DAY WORKSHOPS Kick Off Long Term In Person or Virtual Coaching.

Developing staff with the values will underpin the foundation of any business.

Training for your team leaders will be key to reducing turnover, they don't know what they don't know, until they know when it comes to relationship management and behavior.

I use proven success principles to pin down the true values and attitudes that you desire your business to uphold with real information that is reteach able through application and implementation.

6 month and 1-year commitments to work with you and your staff to develop the team structures and goals you desire. By pinning your values, you will have a new prospective on who you hire, and who you don't and why.

By developing a plan and learning how to interview more effectively you will reduce turn over and find the staff that inspires you and your business.


Aligning Values and People.

Do you feel that everything you are or aren't, here and now was someone else's idea for your life? 

Perhaps you purchased an existing business, and you have another vision for the future, and are stuck in the way it's always been done.

If so, glad you are here, at the right time, the right place, it was not an accident.

It's time to take your life back.

Discover your values on your own terms and put them into play.

I am here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Creating Alignment in your Values and Actions will create a new and functional workspace and workplace.


You make the decisions in your life today, and maybe you feel in control or maybe you don't. Either way learning will increase who you are as a person, and who and what you represent as a company,

No one is ever left unchanged as a result of our training.

Beliefs separate people and values connect them. Interestingly enough when you can learn the difference you can collaborate efforts and work together effectively. 

Book a discovery call today! 

As a Certified Transformational Methodology Trainer.

I help you find the answers, but I do not provide the answers. Sometimes I will see things where I feel a referral would be prudent. Should this be your case we will let you know? To proceed with that referral will be totally up to you and your choice. We will continue to work on the business and development areas for which we were hired. however personal trauma issues are not in our realm of expertise. 

ENNERCOURSE Your New Beginning.

​We serve with proven principles and breakthrough techniques that are proven to work for those who are serious about doing the work and who have the willingness to learn and take action. Our Methodology has served through the ages and brought success, happiness and fulfillment to each of our clients on their own terms.

Our Values are the foundation for everything we do, and anytime our beliefs and values are conflicting you cannot get the desired results.

Our process will align your values, and help you rethink your beliefs. Rewrite your own stories and overcome your

self-limiting belief systems that have governed your current results.


Are you needing a fun, heart touching, Keynote for an event or fundraiser? I would love to be on your venue. I work well with event planning and are skilled at being on time, booking for 20 minutes, a few hours, 1/2-day, full day,

 2-day workshops and retreat speaker to fill your venue.

I incite audience participation and truly keep your events insightful and interesting. Fun activities for groups as small as 20 or as many as 30.000.

Live or online events. Participation numbers may vary with virtual events, based on venue.


We will provide you with the knowledge and resources to create the life that you want.

Holding you accountable with the highest standards of integrity.

We understand how accountability is so important to your success, and we know that you will do the work that you have richly invested in. Yourself.

Trust the Process, do the work, be what you came to become. 

Are You Ready to Be Challenged?


Our personalized coaching program is designed around your goals and Values.

On your own terms.

Our 90 Day Coaching program brings you to the commitment of doing the work to breakthrough to your next levels up and cements the skills through implementation and doing the work with assignments weekly to keep you focused.

Our 6-month Coaching program is to the next level, skills and implementation.

Both programs offer before work, after work and lunch hour schedules on a first come first serve basis.

CEO & Team Coaching 

I Am Looking Forward Working With You


I will transform your events as a Actionable Keynote Speaker, Group Transformational Trainer and Personal Coach, I want to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


Echo Pelster


[email protected]

Live Workshops are an offering in 

single- and 2-day kickoff training sessions.

Thereafter, moving monthly, bi-weekly trainings to the virtual coaching arena.

Masterminds for Team Leaders and CEO, Business Owners. 

You Interview us... We interview you.

We thrive to work with every person in every walk of life, and start at the level you are currently at. We want to answer your questions, and help you reach your goals.

One on One Coaching Dates.

  • Times for one on one coaching are preset several months in advance when we take you on as a client. We sometimes have to work around holidays and life events. However you will receive all of your sessions and any qualified bonus sessions even if they fall outside of your 6 or 12 month program. 
  • We Intentionally set up all one on ones in the onboarding process as a respectful way to help you manage your time.
  • Can I buy more sessions?
  • Yes. Many of our clients get so much benefit from our training that they stay on for the next level up., and the next and the next.

Keynotes Speaker to liven your events. 

Workshops and Ongoing Practice Management Training for your Business to help you and your business get to the next level up.

1-2- & 3-Day Workshops.

Virtual Trainings

One On One Coaching for individuals and training staff personal growth.

Corporate Pricing and Long-Term Relationship Building Practices with One-on-One Team Leader Training.

In a live early virtual miracle morning setting.

Non-Profits Welcome. 

New Training Candidate Intake

It is our goal to be able to start new clients at the beginning of the following month after signing up and logistics. We understand sometimes things happen. If your program is going to be postponed then we would like to know as soon as possible, it will be your responsibility to communicate effectively and to keep your agreements. 

  • We Accept Mastercard, Visa and PayPal and Personal Electronic Check in addition to Direct Deposit for Corporate accounts.​

Our clients have a choice to pay in full, or they can arrange monthly payments. Should you need to take a month off due to vacation or a break of unforeseen circumstances, we will make arrangements to extend your program for that month. It is your responsibility to make arrangements and communicate effectively.

We do not charge an interest rate for monthly payments.

ENNERCOURSE Is a Personal and Business Self Development Program that will lead you to a life of happiness, fulfilment, and success with your own values, your values are the foundation that underpins everything you do, I help you examine your thinking, face your fears, question your stories, and breakthrough your subconsciously self-imposed limits, through proven success principles, valid diagnostics, accountability, faith that anything is possible, with a roadmap design for success.

ENNERCOURSE​ will take you from where you are now, to where you most desire to be, through the application and implementation of the tried-and-true success principles. Changing how you Lead others, yourself, your family, and your career, on your own terms.

ENNERCOURSE Is your personal Coaching Call to Action!

What if you knew you couldn't fail as long as you're willing to do the work?

There is no magic Genie that will do the work for you, you will need to take some action.

The universe rewards action so you really cannot lose.

We have the expectation that if you are joining our program, you are committed to the work you will do to breakthrough to your next level, otherwise why are you here?

Free Personal Values Assessment Here!

Transformational Coaching

Changes you, your business and and your presence forever.