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We Offer Marketing, Coaching & Consulting Services For Businesses, Personal Growth and Wellbeing. 

Management Training

Self Development that will lead you to a life of happiness, fulfilment, and success with your own values, your values are the foundation that underpins everything you do, I help you examine your thinking, face your fears, align your actions', question your stories, and breakthrough your subconsciously self-imposed limits, sabotaging bad habits, and overcome underlying fears that hold you back, using proven success principles, valid diagnostics, accountability, faith that anything is possible, with a roadmap design for success.

Echo Laymon Pelster will take you from where you are now, to where you most desire to be, through the application and implementation of the tried-and-true success principles. Changing how you Lead others, yourself, your family, and your career, on your own terms with the values that are most important to you and your organization.

This Business Keynote & Workshop is your personal or group coaching Call into Action!

Business Consulting and Values Training Workshops.

Imagine all the people in your life and business always knowing what they need to do next, and those decisions growing into the realization of your goals, your team having the skills and knowing how to figure what to do next and then truly doing it when things get sticky in their reality, your business, and they attract newbies and recruit above themselves because there confidence level is truly that sturdy. Can you imagine that being your reality as a manager or a CEO? 


I won't tell you how, however I will teach you how, I will show you the path, I know that we have all read books and tried self-help events and experiences, if we really could do it alone it would already be done, and you would not be here, now. 

Come with a dream so big you can hardly say it out loud, Because when you shoot for the moon you will catch stars!

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of Enthusiasm."

                                      Winston Churchill


What would it be worth to you, if you could make decisions and stick with a plan, reach the success you so richly deserve and desire, and know that the changes your making today are in could last, would you be here to stay?

Implementation of skills that will change your life and you will use over and over throughout your lifetime for continued and revered success, personally, financially, with your health, career, business and your relationships. 

​After almost 41 years as a entrepreneur and business owner of both bricks and mortar and virtual businesses and an additional stint in Financial Services as a Financial Advisor, I have come to know that people do not fail because of lack of training, they are trained in how to prepare and application, do paperwork and even dummied up with scripts to say what the company they represent wants them to say in hopes that that agent or salesperson will get the sale.

However, Authenticity is lost and so is good talent with this method, and I am here to tell you there is a better way. 

When great talent is lost because they feel like an imposter and their personal values don't fit into their personal belief systems the career often gets stick and procrastination begins, sometimes the employee, agent or practitioner simply quits before they ever leave.

In reality their is a disconnect and turn over is way too high, I work at realigning the values of the agent and sales people to themselves and reconnecting them with their company values.


What amount of money would it save your company to reduce turnover by one or two percent? Ten Percent? or even 50%? 

I think you will find that the work I do , will strengthen the bonds of company and representatives while  re-establishing  and realigning the core values which actually  underpin absolutely everything you do as an individual, or a company will potentially leave everyone on a new and enlightened playing field. ​

Beliefs separate people, Values bring them together. All the techniques training in the world will not connect the values relationship gap.


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